Have you Heard?

Every May, Cochlear, our volunteers and clinic partners join efforts during Better Hearing and Speech Month to increase awareness of hearing loss and advanced hearing solutions.

Few people are aware of this growing public health issue, its social and economic impact and the availability of hearing loss solutions. Cochlear is proud to support this important nationwide event through our Million Ear Challenge.

About the Million Ear Challenge

The Million Ear Challenge reflects Cochlear's commitment to the hearing loss community and the passion helping to bring the gift of sound to those with hearing loss.

Through the Million Ear Challenge, Cochlear encourages the public to help us spread the word about hearing loss and hearing loss solutions.

Cochlear Give Back commitment

Helping the World Hear

During Better Hearing and Speech Month, Cochlear is challenges the public to help spread the word about hearing loss and hearing loss solutions people in 31 days.

When we reached our goal in 2017, Cochlear celebrated this achievement by donating to Hearing Charities of America and Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation to help support people with hearing loss.

How you can Help

Visit the Activities section for more information on how you can get involved.

A look back at 2017!

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